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Products & Services

We are pleased to offer a selection of DIFFIERENT TYPES OF FIREPLACES

A Rumford Fierplace is tall narow and shallow.

Rumford Fireplace

A three piece Kit made by Superior Clay using a pattern developed by Jim Buckley is hear in this fireplace.

The Buckley Rumford Fireplace can be research at www.rumford.com

Price: $00.00

Modern Fireplace

Rotary Controlled Dampers are extra

This is a three foot modern fireplace. The Arch is actually taller than a modern fireplace that is useraly 29 inch. By increasing the height opening to 34 inchs and incorporating a narrow damper begins the development of a rumford.

Price: $00.00

Block Work

Lead Coated Cooper Flashing prepaid for the Vestibule.

Price: $00.00

Brick Work

This is a typical Brick Bump out on a 4000 square foot House.

Price: $00.00

Stone Work

Marc Duclos successfully installed this stone along with the builders full knowledge on how to trim out this house.

Price: $00.00

Residential Masonry

Duclos set this stone to this house in New Hampshire.

Price: $00.00

Commercial Masonry

Setting the close pin lintel block for a ten foot span that supports itself when the forms are removed.

Price: $00.00